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Academic & Corporate Topics


Start here: Ethical decision making 101

This workshop presents a broad overview of ethical decision making research, practices and trends over the past three decades. If you’re wondering why your employees don’t seem to “get ethics” or are recovering from the repercussions of unethical behavior, this is a good workshop with which to begin developing your ethical business strategy. Format: 1 hour interactive presentation

Demystifying Millennials

By 2025, (those born between 1983 and 2000) Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce.  How are they motivated?  What messages do they value?  How can non-millennials manage or work alongside this generation of workers?  Jana presents an interactive and candid discussion about these and other issues related to the next generation of employees.

One size does not fit all: Adopting a matrix approach to business ethics training

How can you train your employees to make better ethical decisions? Based on the latest scholarly data, this workshop presents strategies for creating ethics training that is both ongoing and interactive. If you think your annual computer-based ethics training is sufficient, think again. Format: 1 hour interactive presentation; 3 hour interactive workshop

Living in the gray: Lessons on ethics from prison

Living in the gray presents insights into ethical behavior through the experiences of white collar criminals. Using primary research gathered in 2008 and 2014, this session tells the stories of imprisoned former business executives, in their own words, in order to understand why they made illegal decisions. Viewed through the lens of a prison cell, ethics suddenly becomes real. Format: 1 hour interactive presentation

Common thread: The impact of mission on ethical business culture

What makes an organization ethical? Common thread tells the story of the essential thread that wound throughout a large non-profit organization: the mission. Because the mission concentrated on ethics, the organization became a leader in their industry in ethical business practice. In this workshop, participants will learn the key aspects of ethical business cultures, analyze the organization’s values-based decision making tool and consider how both might be integrated into their own organization. Format: 1 hour interactive presentation; 3 hour interactive workshop

The hidden cost of win-win

The hidden cost of win-win: Why it’s important to learn the ethics pause

A win-win situation is one where multiple parties benefit from a decision; there seems to be no downside to the deal.  However, when faced with an ethical dilemma, several hidden pitfalls await the unsuspecting decision-maker.  This is an interactive and thought-provoking session on how to develop the ethics pause and its benefit to both your company and career.  Format: 1 hour interactive presentation

Why they buy: The science of shopping

Are you measuring your retail business’ success by register receipts? Have you invested in market research (surveys, focus groups, etc.) to better understand your customers? If you answered yes to one or both, you’re only getting half the story. Go beyond the sales tally in order to better understand your customers and more fully meet their needs regarding space, merchandising, signage and more. This highly interactive and visual presentation will cause you to look at your business—retail or service—in a new light and, in turn, generate more revenue. Format: 1 hour interactive presentation

Stop killing your audience: How to give powerful presentations

Tired of your audience zoning out during your presentation? Annoyed with yawning students in your training sessions? Want to impress the board of directors at work? This interactive session will introduce you to a more powerful way to present information without compromising credibility or completeness. Based on the combined works of world-renown visual communicators, this interactive presentation asks you to consider two important questions: so what? and who cares? You will learn strategies for addressing these questions in an engaging and memorable way, utilizing widely available presentation software. Formats: 1 hour interactive presentation; 3 hour workshop

Employers, Listen Up! Next Gen Workers Will Want More Freedom at Work

What will millennial workers want in their future benefit packages? Will employer-paid health care benefits become a thing of the past with the growing access to health care through the Affordable Care Act? Is it enough to offer standard health/dental/vision plans plus a 401k option and vacation? I asked my millennial generation Human Resource Management class about their preferences for innovative benefits this week. I think you’ll be surprised. HR executives, take note! Your next generation of worker benefits should center on one theme: freedom. Format: 1 hour interactive presentation

 9 cents of advice for college freshmen

Because after a decade of teaching in higher education a professor starts to notice the same behavior over and over and over again. Cheap advice to all college freshmen presented in a humorous and lighthearted manner. Format: 30 minute humorous and interactive presentation

From student to scholar: 10 pieces of advice for surviving a doctoral program

Getting through a doctoral program is hard. I realized that when I made the leap from student to scholar my road to “the best dissertation is a done dissertation” became a bit easier. Here are my tips for getting through a PhD. Format: 30 minute interactive presentation

Faith-based Topics

fog wrestling 2Fog Wrestling Series

Based on my forthcoming book, Wrestling the Fog: A journey from cynic to clergy, these mini-sessions are snapshots of typically taboo subjects with which Christian women struggle. A  year-long experiment with seventeen women uncovered stories of brokenness and restoration; strategies for acceptance and moving on; and how we made peace with it all. Sessions can be presented together or individually, as a workshop or presentation. 

Session 1: Question everything. The tendency to inquire about matters of faith was not something that comes naturally. I want women to experience the freedom that comes with asking hard questions about faith, God, the Bible and Christianity. After all, Truth can stand up to examination and scrutiny, right?

Session 2: Sex. It seems the same message is preached in each new round of Christian sex books: sex is bad; here’s how to have sex; sex is good; don’t worry, it gets better. Where we really fail is the intimacy required to make sex work as a whole. It’s not easy to have conversation with your husband about things you like, want to try and want to do to him if you’ve been raised in the purity culture (or not). Guilt and shame prevail for non-virgins also. There are no rules in the bedroom. Regardless of your past sexual history, you can have a happy and blessed sex life.

Session 3: “No.” You are a good enough reason to say no. Over-functioning, anxiety, fear and depression are often symptoms of being stressed out, stretched thin and wrung out. Why do we as women do this to each other and ourselves? Let’s talk about how Jesus said no to the crowds, to the religious elite, and to his disciples. Boundaries, self-care and drawing a metaphorical line in the sand for your family are all important in balancing priorities.

Session 4: Embrace the cracks. Haunted by foolish decisions. Shamed by your past. Burdened by current practices. We all think we’re screw ups and everyone else has it all figured out. Guess what? Broken is the new strong. Strong is the new beautiful. How can you embrace your failures and use them to move ahead in grace?

Session 5: I am enough. There’s no such thing as “just a mom” or “just a student” or “just a woman” anymore. Anxiety, fear, insecurity all stem from the thought that we’re somehow less-than. Think of it this way: Are you saying that God made a mistake in His creation of you? That He made you, somehow, incomplete? There’s strength in vulnerability, power in authenticity and peace in accepting yourself as He made you.

Session 6: The S word (submission). Submission has a negative connotation in today’s modern society, but should it in the church? Submission is not oppression just like obedience is not subservience. How can modern women approach the topic of submission from a practical perspective and thrive in its midst?

Session 7: Gender roles: Understanding the context of first century society is important when interpreting Paul’s instructions for women in the church. Women represent a strong segment within every church, regardless of denomination or location. How can we impact those around us in a positive manner? How can we support other women in all areas of ministry? We need to be prepared when God puts us in place in formal or informal positions. It’s time to get real about our role in church.

Session 8: Moving forward. Have you ever asked God to show you the way forward and it seems He’s holding out? More often than not it seems God requires us to put one foot forward in faith and then He reveals the next step. In most cases we are the answer to our own prayer. In this session we explore the concept of purpose and how to serve right where you are starting today.

Session 9: Facilitation and Reproduction. Best practices for facilitating discussions about tough topics at church. Understanding the method, theory and rewards of self-directed learning. The story behind the book and how to facilitate hard conversations at your church. 

Strong in the broken places

Ernest Hemingway said, “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong in the broken places.” We may all be broken, but everyone’s broken place is different. What if we thought of our broken places as our future strengths and let God break you? “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?” (Jeremiah 32:37). His promise is that of restoration, not just perpetual brokenness.

Invest in the kids

What if investing in kids is the key to equipping the saints? What would happen if churches removed the logistical barriers that will allow families to participate in discipleship events? Since we can’t cost cut our way to equipping the saints, where are the areas that churches can invest in that will make the most impact on discipleship?

 How to be a better person

Using the stories of Jacob and Esau, Eli and Samuel, Ananias and Sapphira and the good Samaritan, this session explores Biblical examples of honesty and integrity and asks, how much is your integrity worth? 

Return Whole

If it’s meant to be, it will come back ‘round again, but maybe not in the way you think. Based on Apostle Paul’s letter to Philemon about runaway slave Onesimus, this session explores the Biblical concept of leaving broken only to return whole in the way God designed.

Tithe’s a climb

Tithing isn’t about the amount you give, it’s about the intent behind your giving. How can we be more intentional in our giving? Using personal experiences and scriptural references, this session will re-frame the concept of tithing from percentage to purposeful.

Because, blood 

If we let ourselves be held hostage by our past, we will never fully inhabit our future. When the doubt creeps in, you must remember why you are free. This session explores brokenness and shame as vehicles for freedom.