I’ve been making pretty good progress on the Julia Project. Thirty days in and I’m 27.7% completed with the number of recipes I decided upon after crunching the numbers, considering the grocery budget and the Sassy Sleever’s dietary needs.

The only absolute win I’ve had this week was the Quiche aux Champignons (Mushroom Quiche). I discovered shallots + sauteed mushrooms + Madeira = heaven. It looked just like all the other quiches, so I didn’t include a photo. I ate it for breakfast the entire week and never tired of it.

Tonight I experimented with two unfamiliar vegetables and a favorite. I was hopeful after my friend, Kam, expressed her love of endives. No one expressed their love of leeks, but I pressed on. 
Braised Leeks
Leeks – before

I’m hopeful because they smell like onions. 

Leeks – after

Leeks = gross. The end. 

Braised Endives 
Endive – before
Endive – after (1.5 hours baking, 5 minutes broiling)
Endives taste suspiciously like artichokes. 
I’d try them again, but not cooked to death. Kam was right. 

Broiled mushroom caps with parsley butter
I’d like the stuffing to be firmer, not just butter. Maybe cream cheese plus garlic and shallots. 
Speaking of shallots. They are not just another type of green onion! There should be no substituting green onions when shallots are clearly superior. That said, they are like four times more expensive, so… yeah. 

I felt like tonight was a total bust. So, I made Rhee Drummond’s Holiday Bacon Appetizers to make me feel confident again in the kitchen.

It’s really hard to screw up bacon.
Bacon makes me happy, Gina Karnitz. Bacon. Makes. Me. Happy.