I get my best ideas in church. 
I’m not an overt worshiper. During the music portion of worship on Sunday you can often find me wrapped around my husband, enveloping my daughter in my arms, or standing quietly by myself with eyes closed having a conversation in my head. My love language is touch; I’ve passed this along to my oldest daughter. 
The sermon is more my style. I’m an intense concentration-based learner.  My husband is not. He’s fidgety, reaching for his phone to check the weather and gets a hand swat in the process. Basically, he drives me nuts. We can’t be in a class together because it’s all I can do to refrain from committing spousal violence. He shifts in his seat and watches people while half-listening to something he’s heard before. It’s all relatively new to me even though we both grew up in church in the 80’s and 90’s. Rather, it’s new to me in that I’ve been trained as an academic researcher and teacher since last being subject to regular doses of Bible teaching. 
Lately, I’ve been getting “downloads” for blog posts in church. I’ve been taking notes during sermons and recording what’s being impressed upon me. Here’s an example from last week. 
I find myself being inspired during the teaching, worship and even while talking with people before and after. 

Life is just so interesting; the process of living it yourself and alongside others.

My oldest daughter, Emily, has mentally graduated from kids church and it ticks off her little sister big time. She’s benefiting from the sermons in “big church”, this I know is true. I caught her last Sunday taking notes, like her mom. Here are a few excerpts from Pastor James’ sermon entitled God’s Advice on Money in Proverbs 11:24-26.

One who gives generously feels good and gains.

What’s in it for me? Love Jesus just because of his love for you. 

Do not hesitate to give to the Lord, for when you give, you will soon be paid back even more with generous giving.

 Refresh yourself with good acts and kindness. 

 My favorite Pastor Sonny sermon from last year included a warning to avoid being a “green leafy, sap sucking Christian.” He’d brought in a downed branch (impressively large, I must say) from his yard and used it as a visual illustration of what not to be. He explained when we trim a tree in order to stimulate fruit we need to be careful not to cut off the fruit-bearing parts of the branch. If we don’t trim it, it will just grow leafy and not produce edible fruit, able to nourish and feed others.

It’s like that with us Christians, he said.  Let’s not be unfruitful leafy appendages.

Sometimes my children do not get as much out of the sermons, like I do. Consider these two pieces of evidence from this past August when I must have relented in allowing small daughter to remain upstairs in big church.

In case you can’t see it, the bottom label says, “To the lord of hoasts.”

If we aren’t inspired in church, then when can we be? I realize one hour of instruction for the week is not enough to sustain, feed, empower, grow. We have life groups, home groups and classes in financial management and how to study the Bible. This I know, but it all starts on Sunday. It shouldn’t end there, however.

I’ve been challenged internally, two weeks ago, to find God in his Word. I started the IF:Equip daily Bible study as part of the IF:Gathering. If God is real, then what?


Then what? This, then. This.
Keep talking to me, Lord. I like Your voice.
Your Book is kind of interesting, too.