john 6:22-59 

I think it poetic that bread is used as a sign in both the OT and NT. This bread that nourishes us is also a bone of contention for the followers. That was then and this is now, people. That bread wasn’t This Bread, even though it was from my Father. And, as I’ve said before: Bread is hard, enough said. 
Bread is just a metaphor. What if we replaced “bread” with “jelly” or “pickles” or “Kool Aid?” 
I am the jelly of life.
I am the pickle of life. 
I am the Kool Aid of life. 
Bread is substantial. It fills you up and satisfies your hunger. In order follow Him he asked them to swallow this bread completely. Take It in and make It part of you. Let It satisfy your hunger. 
When I first read this passage early this morning, for the day got away from me as it sometimes does, my first thought was I’m a terrible Kool Aid drinker. I don’t conform well, nor do I completely buy-in well. To anything. I can always see the hairline cracks in the facade and it breaks my focus; it makes me concentrate on the weaknesses in the structure of the organization and the faults in people. I’m cynical and skeptical. When an organization has required me to be All In, I’ve never been able to do it. Others seem so sure, so ready to take on new identities or believe in new movements. 
When I took the job at the University at which I’m currently employed, my husband gave me a “congratulations on the new job” present – a box of grape Kool Aid. The University color is purple and it was a reminder to be ready to buy in; to be All In. It’s hard to be All In with imperfect organizations, procedures, policies and people. 
Jesus was asking people to completely dive into the deep end of the Kool Aid pool and swallow what He was saying to them. Would I have done the same as the Jews in the passage?