Out of the mouth of babes come wisdom and truth. 
My daughter amazes me. I had no idea of her depth. 
She’s 10.
March 15, 2014
Some people think of God as “He is my king! I will bow down to him whenever I see him!” And they are right. He is the creator of everything. He deserves our praise for him. But I do see him as that and my BGFE. 

By the way, BGFE stands for Best Godly Friend Ever. I see him as a friend that can do everything. When I pray to him, I pray as all people would do, “Dear Lord, I thank you for this day, please let us have a good day tomorrow. Bless our body, bless our food. Thank you for dying on the cross for our sin.” 

Then I get into the friend-that- can-do-anything-help-me-prayer. “Hey, I noticed that [my friend] was acting a little weird today, and also a little angry with me. I don’t know why, so could you please help me remember something that might give me a little hint as to why?” 

Also, I remind Him every night (not like He needs it or anything) that the first thing I’m going to do when I get to Heaven is give him my largest hug ever. Sometimes when I think of Him giving me a hug, I feel all tingly inside! Not like an I-am-so-scared-to-ride-that-roller coaster, but an I-am-hugging-a-teddy-bear-while-sipping-hot-coco-by-a-lit-fire-on-Christmas-Eve. But this is only my opinion, if other people think that it’s too “disrespectful” then it’s alright with me. 

I am not God. He’s the one and only God almighty.


(Jana’s note: This is completely unedited.)