Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve been paying attention to the simple inspirations that cross my path. All these have transpired since the beginning of the year. 

A toddler on the verge of a fit locked eyes on me and smiled.
Riley Lor let me ring his bell necklace last Sunday.
A friend and fellow blogger shared a phrase gifted to her by another: evidence of grace. 
A friend confided her hurt and we devised a plan to confront it. 
I feel surprising joy when the IF:Equip daily passage is delivered to my inbox. 
I’ve been able to prepare some of Julia’s recipes and have received a few requests for a repeat performance.  
I watched my husband shave his face and and I once again see my first love.  


I gave a second chance to a student and he exceeded my expectations. 
I challenged a trio of undergraduate women and they have risen to the occasion. 
My fellow academics with whom I’ve connected have welcomed me into their fold. 
I have a writing partner who gleefully gently corrects my ramblings modifiers and willingly shares half-priced appetizers. 
I got to know my Aunt and Uncle as an adult. I see my granddaddy in my Uncle and he in my mother. Who knew they were so funny?

I got to see a high school friend in Houston and we had a fantastic lunch + conversation.

Four parents worked out the kid schedule until Christmas 2014. 
We booked our son’s ticket home for spring break. 

Uncle Bill knows we’re coming to Arkansas this summer. 
I might actually get my class ring in time for my May doctoral graduation. 
We paid off four bills and increased our tithe accordingly. 
My older daughter shared a secret and I knew it was only for me. 
My younger daughter still cuddles and likes it. Her depth amazes me.

Our road melted this week. 

To those of you who think you have nothing important to say, I say this: it’s all important. Even the little things.