john 13:36-38  

I’m struck by the sentence: “Where I am going you cannot follow me.” In a completely inappropriate moment I go to the end of the film Back to the Future. 

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads. -Doc Brown

While making a case for Jesus and Doc Brown to exist in the same example is, at best, weak and, at worst, offensive… well, I’m going to do it anyway. You can see the disciples really wanted to follow but imagine trying to conceptualize they would see Him again, but not in this life? Why can’t we go? It’s like Marty McFly trying to wrap his head around not needing roads. 

Often, I find myself comparing my walk with Christ to my experience as a parent. I can fathom dying for my children. Can I fathom being martyred for my faith? Why can’t I conceptualize the same amount of love for Christ as I do my children and my husband? 
This bothers me as I’ve witnessed, experienced and felt His hand in my life and my family.