My friend and stylist, Wendy, chastised me during the last haircut for not posting updates on the blog about how the food in the Julia Project turned out. Specifically, the desserts. Readers, when the most talented stylist in town has your already short hair in her paws and is doing her magic, you just agree to do the update. So, in honor of it being Monday (gag) I’m doing an update post that combines a dessert update, science experiment results and the language of hair.

Wendy has taught me a whole new language of hair. For example, I’ve had the inverted bob that everyone had in 2008 in varying lengths. I also had the Rachel haircut like every other woman in her 30’s. I’ve been piece-y and have texture and she undercuts me now. All of that sounds completely obnoxious when applied to people. My hair is pretty healthy and I don’t think it’s been compromised, except that time I died it pink by using Feria brand color instead of my regular shade by L’Oreal. Now that I don’t color my hair, hence the whitish blonde it’s become, perhaps I’ll never be compromised. I’ve been getting shattered lately and I like it.

Here’s a new word that I’ve never heard from Wendy, but was on the text message she sent after our last appointment: slither. It sounds like a hair treatment from Harry Potter. It scares me a little, so I’m going to transition to food.

I’m going to do a Siskel and Ebert (I know they are both dead now and I’m dating myself) review. Thumbs up or down.


In response to the Mixed Fruit Tart made for a Downton Abbey episode showing. Thumbs up, baby. The only issue was the red currant jelly glaze leaked out of the pie tart shell. It’s two months later and I still haven’t gotten it all out of the fridge drawers.

French Apple Tart made on the first day of the new year with Kamma-lamma-ding-dong and brood. To die for. The crust was flaky but not too sweet. The four pounds of apples seemed excessive, but we used every last one. Thanks to Becca for her stellar apple slicing skills. The apples were crisp but cooked and the apricot glaze made it really pretty. Thumbs up.  

Chocolate and almond cake at the Downton Abbey Season 4 Premier Shindig. This was a labor of love, especially those pesky almonds. The cake was really rich and not in a spectacular way. Two bites and I was done. Julia used coffee in her glaze (icing) and I’m not a fan of coffee. At all. My friend, Kim, was over when this cake was served she absolutely loved it. I hear she made it for her Dad’s birthday and it was delish. For me, meh. Thumbs down. 

What Wendy didn’t count on was Maddy’s science experiment update in this post as well. I’m transitioning from dessert to science experiment via the food connection. According to Maddy’s beginner chemistry kit, she could make both an eggshell disappear and remove the inside of an egg without cracking its shell. Ingredients: vinegar and salt.

No way. Whatever, mom.

The egg did in fact separate from its shell. 
See the yolk in the bottom left of the glass?
I’m giving this a thumbs up, albeit a gross one. 

The eggshells did not dissolve in their vinegar solution. 
I’m giving it a thumbs down. 
We were supposed to be able to clean these pennies in a solution of vinegar and salt. Nope, still look the same. Thumbs down. I haven’t been making much progress on my Julia Project lately because it’s winter and I’m tired of making all my winter dishes (chili) and the duck I have in my freezer needs to be boned, stuffed and wrapped in dough in order to make the next meal on my list.

Duck. It’s what’s for dinner. Eventually.