<sarcasm alert. I don’t really think we spend too much on music education. just to be clear.>
Tween revelation. My girls are weird after they eat at a restaurant. 

Last month, on the way home from dinner at our local Chinese food buffet, they created this little diddy about their brother, Clay. Out of the blue. For no reason. Just because. May I add we are 5 miles from the restaurant and my husband and I were dying with laughter. 

Clay Clay the cray cray
(He does not have buck teeth)
Tonight, we were driving home from the Mexican restaurant (there are actually three, but only one is worth mentioning) when they came up with the idea of doing a “remix.”

Clay Clay the cray cray (remix)

(I’ve never heard Emily use the word “butt-hole” before.)

I think we are spending too much on public school music education.