Church at Paragould Church of God with Brother Patrick and lunch with Uncle Bill. The Craft name carries some weight as I found out Grandpa Craft helped build the church here.

Dinner @ Sonic. Hilarity ensued. I know that is a Sonic hedgehog plastic headband from Emily kid meal, but we’re deep in Razorback country, so we are going with that.

After he put that plastic star ring on his nose he thought it would be a good idea to affix to his nipple. I’ll spare you that shot.

“We won’t stop kissing until you take the pucture.” Successfully grossed out all the kids. Parents =1, kids = 0.

Some sights from sunset in Paragould, AR.
-That might be the clock tower from Back to the Future? “Hello, McFly!”
-A rare MC clubhouse find.
– grain co-op.