Long ride yesterday from Paragould, Arkansas to Nashville, TN. Said goodbye to cousins Patrick and Angela who had graciously housed and fed us for the past week. After she stuffed us with breakfast casserole and homemade biscuits, that is.

Along the way we randomly spotted the Tennessee Safari Park, hastily turned around and henceforth ventured into the African plains. From the car, that is. Emu, zebra, camel, deer, ostrich, pig, giraffe, ducks, monkeys and parrots that answered “hello” back.

Arriving in Nashville we tackled Broadway where live music spilled from every open door. Two boot stores and we knew it would be a short trip in this crowded and tourist – laden area. Girls purchased souvenirs for dad and stepmom, considered carefully and for. A. Long. Time. Meanwhile, mommy had her first migraine and the world was rapidly becoming too small a place.
We popped into Antique Architecture, home of American Pickers Mike and Frank. Yes, smaller than I thought but things were for sale. Cool location in the former marathon oil building in an up and coming revived industrial neighborhood. Hipsters prevalent. Coffee shop and art galleries, predictable.
Opry Mills mall provided Boot Barn and Morgan, a delivery from above. Mom scored new Corral boots and some much needed alone time. Table side guacamole at chili’s and the hotel beckoned.
Jen Hatmaker posted how her husband, upon returning from a multi-family vacation, promptly went to Game stop and purchased used games for all of their systems while lifting all time restriction. “See you in the morning.”
Brilliant and on the list for us this weekend. I feel you, Jen.