acts 24:10-27   

As a non-baby Christian banging out my reply on my phone, I think my takeaway is related to many of yours. I saw the “bloom where you’re planted” metaphor and have certainly had a “come to Jesus hissy fit” about where I had been planted in my career. I wrote about it on my blog post entitled “how do you hear Him” on I had the full Oprah ugly cry complete with running mascara and dripping snot. In a parking lot with my husband present.
I don’t see Paul doing the ugly cry, but I can see him asking God “why am I still here! I’ve got so much to do for you! We’re wasting time!” And yet, many of those new testament letters were written by Paul in prison. He had plenty of time on his hands.
How many of us would push our lives aside to study and write? Life gets in the way, as I’m sure it did for Paul in his ministry. Add kids and a career and husband … well, free time? I know it not.
God used Paul’s confinement to reach others, just not at that time. He used it to reach us, today. Crazy, huh?