I told God I wouldn’t ever do women’s ministry.

Women are petty, gossipy, and shallow. They worry about too much and not enough. They sip lattes and watch Oprah (when Oprah was a thing). They complain, victimize and are silly little girls in big mommy bodies. I’m just not interested in reenacting Lindsey Lohan’s role in Mean Girls every Sunday. 

So, for that reason God, I’m out. You’ll need to find someone else.


^ See how out of women’s ministry I am in this picture? I’m so out that I was teaching at an all-women’s retreat this past weekend.


^ And I led an impromptu workshop on hearing God for a few of the ladies. No biggie, right? I still hate women’s ministry.

11836791_399069016951289_7136981063088933173_n (1)

^ Last month I was so out that I led a handful of women through a 4-week session of Jen Hatmaker’s book, For The Love. Don’t I look miserable?


^ And, then, of course this past summer I really stuck to my guns with God by hosting an IF:Gathering 2015 viewing in my home for women in our church.


^ Of course, I did not just spend a year writing a book with 16 women having deep and intimate conversations about taboo topics in the modern church. You hear me, God? I will not do women’s ministry.

11020217_340241642834027_754583807585400704_n (1)

^ Remember in May when I refused to do girly stuff that was a waste of time, petty and shallow? Yeah, that’s me on the right painting nails for our “girls day out” at one of the local low-income housing complexes.


^ And here I am not leading (but, yes leading) our new six week discipleship series by Kyle Idleman, Not A Fan.


^ And, just for good measure, let’s remember how I didn’t (but, did) haul my butt to Austin, TX last year for IF:Gathering on my own dime without knowing a soul.


^ Just for good measure, God, let me reiterate that I’ll never, ever, ever be a pastor’s wife.

Compass Church FREEDOM from pleasing people over God July 12, 2015

^Or, for that matter, a pastor myself.

God totally does irony. He’s a master at it. Here’s the approach I’ve adopted lately in hopes that this pattern we’ve adopted–me saying “I’ll never” and Him making it happen anyway–will hold true:

  • God, I’ll never be a millionaire. 
  • God, I’ll never be Giselle Bundcheon skinny/tall.
  • God, I’ll never vacation in Bali, Ireland, or the Greek isles.
  • God, I’ll never travel overseas and teach in exotic places.

Alright, maybe I’m focusing on the wrong things. Here’s what I’ve learned in the past few years.

God doesn’t care about what I want to do, what I fear doing or what I think I’m called to do.

He wants my obedience. He wants me to trust that He knows best for what I am capable than I do. He wants my anything more than my half-something as I’ve written before. 

So, I’ve stopped saying I won’t and, instead, have started saying, anything.

What have you said to God lately? Leave your comment below.