Guest post by Tonia Pearse

So last night, my husband and I were watching a show called American Pickers. These two men go around looking for people who collect “junk” so they can find and buy their valuable bits and make a profit on them.

This morning I was having trouble sleeping, and I started thinking about this show. The houses they go to, people have things all over the place, in basements, garages, but often just out in the open in piles getting weathered and destroyed.

We were all in Satan’s junk pile at one point. He had purchased us when we were still shiny and new, or slightly used. We sold ourselves to him. And although he knew we were valuable, he left us in a pile, out in the open, rotting and rusting away until we were hardly recognizable, only a shell of what God had made us to be. And every day he told you lies. “You have no worth, there is no purpose for your life, you are unlovable, you are undesirable.”

The longer we were on Satan’s property, in this junk pile, the more we believed that we were not valuable, that we were junk, and that we would never be used for anything good again. How could we, with trees growing through our frames, and all the pretty parts rotted away? Covered in rust and sin. We lived as junk, in despair.

And then Jesus came to Satan’s junk pile. He is not just a dealer trying to turn a profit, he is a true collector. A Soul Collector. He searches through the piles, the smelly rotten evil of this graveyard of souls. Then He finds YOU! To anyone else’s eyes, your only use would be to be thrown into a fire melted down for steel and recycling. But Jesus has a greater plan. He sees your frame, and recognizes what God made you to be. He is not just a recycler, he is a Restorer!

Jesus lovingly, carefully digs you out of the dirt, rust, muck and mire. He tells Satan: “I want Her!”
But Satan is a great soul hoarder and he does not want to give you up. “That piece of filth? No, she’s mine! See, I bought her, she is on my property, I don’t want to sell her.”

And we all know what happens next… Jesus has already paid the greatest price for you. He shows Satan the scars on his hands and feet. He shows him the wound in the side. He says “No, She was bought with a price, she is mine. I want her back!”

But Satan has one more trick up his sleeve. “This piece of garbage sold herself to me willingly. You gave her the free will and this is what she chose.”

So they both turn to you, Satan with his lies, and Jesus with the truth. “Who do you chose?”

This is a choose your own adventure story…

John 14:6 Jesus answered ” I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except by me.”