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Ask The Experts: Examining Financial Literacy in the Workplace

Interviewed for the Ask the Experts series on financial literacy by John S. Kiernan at


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Blended Families at the Holidays (sermon)

Jesus was a step-child (sermon)

Taming the Finger: Judgment (sermon)

Taming the Ego: Pride (sermon)

mp3 of the sermon (below)

How to be a better person: The value of honesty and INTEGRITY (sermon)

Freedom from judgment: Nothing matters but a new creation (sermon)

Freedom to mature as Christians (sermon)

Freedom from not being enough (sermon)

Freedom from pleasing everyone (sermon)

October 2014: Convenience is key to customer service by Mike Tighe in the Lacrosse Tribune

You (don’t) complete me, so stop trying (talk)

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December 2012: SMU business students raise money for fellow student

May 2012: SMU Cardinal Corner raises $358 for veteran alum

January 2012: SMU entrepreneurship students raise money to fight leukemia

May 2011: SMU Cardinal Corner raises $800 for SMU groups, Polish orphanage

May 2010: Real-World Ethics by D. Zielinski in Twin Cities Business Magazine, 63-65.