As I write this, Carrie Underwood’s song Jesus Take the Wheel is playing in my head. This is a common occurrence. Not this specific song, but music in general.  
Am I alone here?  
Gentle readers, next time you see me in person, ask me which song is playing currently. I guarantee there will be one. My entire life has an internal soundtrack
So, this double bacon cheeseburger was a gift from Jesus. Jesus took the wheel today and voila, gift from heaven.  

We took a necessary trip to LaCrosse kitchen store to buy, for a second time, the correct Kitchenaid wire whip attachment that I wrote about for this project. The hardest part was herding the cats, I mean kids, and telling them that we had to go to ANOTHER kitchen store to get the SAME whip AGAIN. 
<insert three curious, dumbfounded and disappointed faces here>
“I’ll buy you a frosty at Wendy’s.”
So, in the Prius we pile, me and my gang. Well, me and three of my gang. 
<In case you are wondering, now the song in my head is Me and My Gang by Rascal Flatts>
And off to the LaCrosse, WI mall we go. It’s 35 miles from our home. We wholesale jerseys disembark at the mall, purchase said kitchen utensil, during which 8-year old daughter (gang member #6 of 6) aptly observes as we are leaving the store, “Mommy, haven’t we 4008 been here already?”
Yes, baby. 
“Can News we go to the Wendy’s now?”
Yes, honey. 
Chat. Chat. Chat in car to Wendy’s. Happily order three MEDIUM frosty’s and one unsweetened iced tea. (It’s a thing with me. I’ll explain later.)
Bing. Bang. Boom. Easy peasy. 
We pull up to the window after a short wait, pay, then move to the food window. At 2:30 pm they are remarkably busy and I can tell the drive thru window person is fried. No pun intended. She hands me the iced tea first (giddy) then a large, steaming bag of Wendy’s goodness. Puzzled, I turn to the son (gang member #4 of 6) and say, “did we get food?” in a moment of typical dysfunctional short-term-mom-memory.
Um, no, remember? 
Bu this time there are people behind me and the window Your girl is looking at me like, go on. We’re done here.
“WAIT!”, I hear from gang members 5 wholesale nfl jerseys & 6 in the backseat.”WHERE ARE THE FROSTY’S??!!!” I say to the girl in the window, keeper of all things processed, sugary and soft served, “Um, we didn’t get our Frosty’s.”
“Oh, right”, she says. “Here they are.”
Cheers from the backseat. Yay, Mom’s a hero! Pulling away from the window cheap nba jerseys I realize I still have a huge, steaming bag of delicious fast-food goodness cheap NBA jerseys starting to make grease stains on my lap. 
This is the moment where five years of doctoral studies in the area of Human Resource Development and Ethics (!) from a Big 10 University really pays off. Because, people, I actually thought… let’s just keep it in that Gollum voice from the Lord of the Rings movie. My precious.

However, gang member #4 keeps it real. Leave it to the future pastor (seriously) to remind me that we should do the right thing and return the food. Greasy buzz kill, that boy. So I make him do it. Boofy Two minutes later he returns with the beautiful, fat-spotted paper bag in hand. 
“They said they can’t serve the food once it’s been given to a customer so we should keep it and they thanked us for being honest.”
My precious. Are you doing it in your Gollum voice?