Continuing Preparation

Jana Craft - 2016 - 006It is my job to stay informed about the latest trends in both academic research and the field of business. Whereas my secret weapon for staying up on business-related topics is Minnesota Public Radio, I also maintain several subscriptions to various academic and practitioner publications. Most of the time, subscriptions are required for conference attendance, which is how I am able to have such a diverse subscription base.

I am the first to admit I am terrible at attending workshops and faculty development seminars. I attend all of the
College of Business faculty retreats and departmental meetings, but professional development seminars are another story as you will see in goal two below. I have committed to working on an internal review of my two online summer courses with TLT in an attempt to continually improve my online teaching techniques. This is why I marked goal two as having “marginal progress” instead of the green check mark that signifies “goal accomplished”.

twitter-aacsbDuring each of my four years, I’ve attended a conference that was intended for professional development. Recently, I was invited to attend the AACSB Annual Accreditation Conference in Minneapolis as a future leader in my department. Last year I attended a day-long workshop on visual storytelling from the leading company in persuasive and dynamic presentations. I use this heavily in my teaching and speaking activities. Two years ago I attended four-day Teaching Ethics at Universities master class in business ethics in order to learn how to better teach ethics from industry leaders. I’ve also attended a conference at UMN on developing women to lead and traveled to Duluth to connect with Dr. Steven Castleberry, a well-known ethics professor who utilizes reformed white collar criminals in his ethics classes.

Taking a step way out of my comfort zone, I decided it was time to gain more experience internationally. I teamed up with Dr. Carolyn O’Grady, VP of International Programs, to devise a program for me to gain international experience. I have been accepted to a CIEE faculty development seminar in Paris to study best practices in faculty-led travel study in July 2017 and have received two grants to do so. In addition I received a grant to do an exploratory travel study to Scotland to determine the feasibility of a travel study for sustainable business practices in Summer 2018. I look forward to exploring this endeavor further.

Below are the overall goals I have set for myself in continuing preparation. Please click the hyperlinked goal to view a discussion of each and supporting documentation.


  1. Maintain subscriptions to various scholarly journals within various professional organizations.
  2. Attend College of Business/University faculty development seminars or sessions.
  3. Attend local/regional/state/national conferences or business events that contribute to my area of scholarly development.
  4. Expand my knowledge about international business and incorporate into my classroom and research.

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