Continuing Preparation: Goal 4


Expand my knowledge about international business and incorporate into my classroom and research.

I’ve never been out of the country. I feel this has always hindered my ability to teach business and ethics from an international perspective. I’ve always been interested in studying family-friendly policies in Scandinavia, but want to do so from a first-hand perspective. I’ve studied ethical business cultures of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), but I’ve never been to any of these countries to study ethics myself. I’ve only ever learned second-hand, from books and others who have traveled there or immigrate to the U.S. I did not grow up with a family who prioritized travel, nor did I have the funds to do so while raising my family, working full-time, and going to school.

This year, I’ve decided to incorporate this as a new goal in my professional career. After a discussion with Dr. Carolyn O’Grady, VP of International Programs, I’ve formulated a plan to address this weakness in what is otherwise an overall strong career in higher education.

I plan to enact this plan in several stages.

  1. Participate in an International Faculty Development Seminar through CIEE, Summer 2017. There are two choices for business-related travel and I chose the location where we do not have any representation for WSU College of Business: Italy. I have been accepted to Best Practices For Creating Successful Faculty-Led Programs in Paris, France July 10-16, 2017. I have received a grant from the International Programs office for $2000–the maximum reward–to help defer costs and a grant from CIEE that reduces my fee for the program. I feel this is the best option for my department in order to be able to bring back information for quality travel studies to other department and COB faculty.
  2. I have received a second grant from the International Programs office for $2000 that reduces my CIEE program fee for the Paris seminar.  (I did not even apply for it!)
  3. I have received a $1500 grant for an exploratory trip to Scotland for July 2017 from the International Programs office to study the feasibility of a travel study to Scotland in Summer 2018. See grant award here. Working itinerary includes visits to six cities between July 20 and August 3: Glasgow, Stirling, Aberdeen, Isle of Harris, Edinburgh. I am working with University travel professionals in each location to incorporate activities and tours to cultural heritage sites and local businesses. I am currently working with Jessica Jones of CIS Study Abroad on the itinerary for the trip.
  4. If approved, during sabbatical year, participate in a Fullbright Specialist Program faculty exchange in Europe — 2018/2019. 
  5. Collaborate with Dr. Diane May and Dr. Kathy Ready about leading a multi-country travel study in Europe. We have sent an inquiry to one of the travel providers already contracted by WSU and will continue to work with Dr. O’Grady to develop this idea.


Expand my knowledge about international business and incorporate into my classroom and research.


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