Contribution to Student Development: Goal 1


Provide quality advising and a pathway to graduation for each of my BUSA/HR advisees.

I love advising. I believe it is an under-utilized resource for students to help them progress efficiently toward their degree completion. On the other hand, I also believe faculty do not know just how much difference good advising makes for student. This is where relationships are established, mentor relationships are forged. I cannot count how many times I’ve overheard a desperate student speaking to our Office Manager about how their advising meeting consisted of an email with a registration code and no face to face meeting. I hear this often enough to believe that faculty may not place enough weight in the importance of advising. This is why I chose to do so and find that it differentiates me from my colleagues.

I use the WSU online advising scheduler and send each advisee an email with how to register and when the advising period starts. I invite them to make an appointment and schedule them in 15 minute blocks. Students can register for two blocks if they would like to complete a plan for graduation. Below is a sample of the email I send to all advisees each semester:

Hi all,

I’m emailing you to let you know I have released the advising appointments for Fall.  Fifteen minutes each. Please sign up online. I do not have a sign up on my door, because, let’s face it – it’s 2016, people. Details below.

In order to manage all of you, I’m going to hold all advising appointments on Tues and Thurs April 5, 7, 12 and 14 from 12-4. Registration for Fall starts Monday, April18th. Yes, you need to meet with me. No, I will not just email you the access code without a meeting. Yes, it is in your best interest to book your advising appointment ASAP and WRITE IT DOWN. You do not need an access code to register for summer, so feel free to do that now.

Please click on this link to make your advising appointment:

Come prepared with a recent printout of your DARS, suggestions for a class schedule for spring and specific questions about your program. In other words, come prepared.  This is not a chat session, it’s a working session. If you want to do a degree plan or have other questions that take longer than 15 minutes, we will need to schedule another appointment after I get through all the initial advising appointments, or you may sign up for two 15-minute blocks if there are openings. 

I’m happy to meet with you and hear about your cat and your Thanksgiving plans and your lazy roommate, but later in the semester, please. Also, I can’t answer for or fix issues with your current professors. Any complaints need to go up the chain of command to our department chair, Dr. JoEll Bjorke. She’ll ask you if you’ve addressed it first with your professor, so just get that out of the way before you approach her.

See you soon.

Dr. Craft

I usually complete a degree plan with all advisees. Here are three examples of degree plans from various students I advise:

Advising plan 1  |  Advising plan 2  |  Advising plan 3

Fall 2013: met with 41 students

Spring 2014: met with 41 students

Fall 2014: met with 41 students

Spring 2015: met with 40 students

Fall 2015: met with 40 students

Spring 2016: met with 47 students

  • This semester I started counting the number of walk-in students who needed advising although they had already met with their advisor to obtain their registration code. I met with an additional 25 students.

Fall 2016: assigned 52 students, met with 44

Spring 2017: assigned 46 students, met with 42

I downloaded the Advisor Count of Students report from the WSU Report Index and crunched the numbers. I wanted to see how I compared with other advisers in the University, College of Business and BUSA department.

Fall 2013 Spring 2014 Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Fall 2016
Number of advisees J. Craft 41 41 41 40 40 47 45
Average number of advisees – BUSA 23.6 23 25.8 24.3 36.6 35.1 34
Average number of advisees – COB 21.2 21.5 22 21 35.1 33.6 31.9
Average number of advisees – University 27.5 27 26 24.7 29.7 28.1 26.2

Click here for excel spreadsheet and report details

Click chart to enlarge


As you can see, I advise more students on average than the University average, College of Business average and BUSA department average.


Provide quality advising and a pathway to graduation for each of my BUSA/HR advisees.


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