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UMN doctoral graduation commencement - May 2014 (grad date September 2013)
UMN doctoral graduation commencement – May 2014 (grad date September 2013)

Jana Craft - 2016 - 006As a product of the University of Minnesota, publishing is an important part of my career. I was taught to critically read research articles and dig into the backgrounds of the authors. Both actions taught me that “real” people published articles, not some genius academic researcher from a far-flung ivy league university. Working with an adviser who encouraged me to publish early and often helped shape my research agenda and productivity level into what it is today. With publishing comes the precursor to any good article, the conference presentation. I’ll be honest in that I am a reluctant traveler. As such, traveling to conferences for a 15 minute presentation is something I’ve had to learn to appreciate. As a member of the academic community, I understand the importance of journal reviewers to the field and am working on making room in my schedule to accommodate more peer review activity. As you will see in this section, my peer reviewing load dropped off significantly in my second year at WSU in exchange for an increase in publication activity. Finally, I believe firmly in the pursuit of life-long learning and continuing one’s own research agenda past the dissertation publication phase. This is why I have continued to collect longitudinal data on an ethical case since 2010 and continue to cultivate relationships with fellow academics to further my publication record. I address each of the four goals in the following section and highlight accomplishments therein.


I have published six research articles in my four years at Winona State University. While the minimum standard according to our accrediting body is two papers in five years, I feel this is not enough for promotion and tenure. Papers were published both singularly and with co-authors; with authors from my own department and authors from other universities. I varied my publication history by submitting an article for BizEd Magazine and submitting a chapter in a volume on love and hate regarding organizational ethics in an edited book with a sociologist co-author from another university (in press as of November 2016). I’ve published a solo-authored research article based on my dissertation research in the top business ethics journal and await a decision on another solo-authored theory paper in a business ethics education journal. I’ve provided links to each article and journal, screen shots of the front pages and the story behind each publication for your review.

Conference Presentations

Presenting to Women in Business luncheon

While I am a reluctant traveler, I found joy in making a way for my excellent students to present their research papers at a regional management conference. I’ve provided two opportunities for a total of six students to present at the Midwest Academy of Management conference and collaborated with them on their research. I have collaborated with colleagues at WSU on two research presentations (one was published, the other was discarded) and presented my original research at two conferences in four years. Wanting to diversify, I was accepted to the 2016 International Association of Business and Society conference to present a 90-minute innovative workshop on how to give powerful presentations. My next goal is to present research at an international conference.


I reviewed five articles for various publications and conferences in 2014 and won an award for Best Reviewer in the Organizational Behavior division of the Academy of Management. Taking a break from reviewing in 2015 in favor of more time to write and publish, I resumed reviewing in 2016 and tallied two journal reviews and three conference reviews.


I continue to collect data on a case study in business ethics. Starting with business undergraduates in 2010, I have collected their responses and reasoning behind an ethical dilemma in order to better understand how I can teach business students to be ethical decision-makers after they leave my classroom. Based on research, increased education and experience make for better critical thinkers and decision-makers. I have expanded my research to include students who have taken my Applied Business Ethics class and to business professionals in the area. My preliminary findings are detailed in goal four. I continue to cultivate relationships with my colleagues in order to work together on research projects. For example, I am set to write my last dissertation-related paper on Forgotten Employees with two of my departmental colleagues.

Below are the overall goals I have set for myself in scholarly achievement. Please click the hyperlinked goal to view a discussion of each and supporting documentation.


  1. Publish two papers in SSCI-ranked/Cabell’s-listed peer-reviewed journals within three years.
  2. Present research at one conference per year.
  3. Contribute to scholarly discourse and the academic field as a peer reviewer for various journals.
  4. Continue to collect data on ethical decision making regarding the Should Mary Buy Her Bonus? scenario.

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