Scholarly Achievement: Goal 1


Publish two papers in SSCI-ranked/Cabell’s-listed peer-reviewed journals within three years.

The standard for promotion is to publish two journal articles in peer-reviewed journals within a five year time frame. I set my bar high and wrote or contributed to nine articles in the past four years. Prior to joining WSU in the Fall of 2013, I had published two research articles and one perspectives piece while still in doctoral school. I have included all of my publications below in order to provide the full picture of my research experience, both before WSU and in the past four years. 

In sum:

  • I published seven articles in four years, both singularly and with co-authors.
  • I published an article in AACSB magazine.
  • I am working on a paper.

My rating on Research Gate is 11.28, which is higher than over 47.5% of other members of the site. According to my Google Scholar profile, my review of the empirical ethical decision-making literature article in the Journal of Business Ethics has been cited 157 times. 

A list of my publications and supporting documentation follows below with hyperlinks to each in date order, most current first.


 I am working on a paper tentatively entitled “The Ethics Pause” based on seven years of data collected using an ethics case study. I’ve invited Dr. Kubilay Gok to co-author. Target publication: Journal of Business Ethics. 


Craft, J. & Godwyn, M. (2016). Surviving and Thriving in Constructive Conflict: The Emotional Lives of Business Ethics Faculty and Non-Profit Human Service Workers. In Michael Schwartz , Howard Harris , Debra R. Comer (ed.) (Ed.), The Contribution of Love, and Hate, to Organizational Ethics (Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations, Volume 16) (pp. 59 – 93). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.  doi:10.1108/S1529-209620160000016003.


Mary Godwyn, a sociology professor at Babson College, interviewed me for her book on the struggle of professors who teach ethics. When the call for papers for REIO volume 16 came out–the contribution of love and hate to organizational ethics– I knew Mary would be a great co-author. I wanted to publish a portion of my dissertation research about the emotional lives of non-profit service workers who worked with vulnerable adults, but it was not enough to stand out on its own. Mary and I combined our research and wrote this paper in 2015. It was accepted August 2016 for publication and released October 2016.



 Lehnert, K., Craft, J., Singh, N. & Park, Y. (Oct 2016). The human experience of ethics: A review of a decade of qualitative ethical decision making research. Business Ethics: A European Review, 25(4), 498-537.


There’s a funny story about this publication. In 2013 I published a literature review on empirical research in ethical decision making as part of my dissertation research. A year later, I received an alert that someone had cited my article. I clicked on the abstract and found out that it was in direct response to my literature review published the year prior by three gentlemen I’d never met. I went into work and immediately called the lead author, Kevin Lehnert, at Grand Valley State University. He told me that I had “scooped” them the year prior. They had completed the very same sort of paper I had published but I’d beaten them to the punch, so they had to reformat their findings and restructure the paper. I pitched the idea of a qualitative literature review to Kevin and the team and this was the result a few years later. 


Craft, J. (30 January 2016 online–print volume forthcoming in 2017) Common Thread: The impact of mission on ethical business culture, a case study. Journal of Business Ethics


This article is the main research from my doctoral dissertation that I completed in 2013. I am so pleased it was accepted into my targeted journal, the leading business ethics journal in the world, the Journal of Business Ethics. This is my second solo article published in JBE. 


Craft, J. (September/October 2015). Your Turn: Local Lessons. Jana Craft of Winona State takes students on a riverboat cruise to show them regional business in action.  BizEd Magazine, published by AACSB.

BizEd is the magazine of our accrediting body, AACSB. Copies of the latest editions are always laying around the office, but until I actually read one a few years ago I didn’t realize how important it is for our industry. I utilized the Cal Fremling in BUSA 270: Business and Society and I thought that would make an interesting article submission. After some tweaking by the editors and myself, they published my article in the “Your Turn” section of the magazine. I think it is important to publish in both academic and practitioner publications.  


Tessema, M., Craft, J., Subhani, S. & Tewold, S. (2015). Assessment of HR Development and Utilization: A Conceptual Framework. International Journal of Managerial Studies and Research, 3(3), 32-43.


This was an article that I contributed to with my Business Administration colleagues. I provided an expanded literature review and proofreading and editing services. 



Koseoglu, M., Akdeve, E., & Craft, J. (2015). How does business ethics literature progress in developing countries? Evidence from Turkey. Middle East Journal of Management, 2(2), 121-142.


I was asked to contribute to this article by Koseoglu and added an expanded literature review, citation edits and proofing services. 


Koseoglu, M., Sehitoglu, Y., & Craft, J. (2015). Academic foundations of hospitality management research with an emerging country focus: A citation and co-citation analysis. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 45, 130-144.


I was asked to contribute to this article by Koseoglu and added an expanded literature review, citation edits and proofing services. 



Craft, J. (2013). A review of the empirical ethical decision-making literature: 2004–2011. Journal of Business Ethics, 117(2), 221-259.


This article started as a paper written for a doctoral class. Instead of writing just another research paper, my professor challenged me to write a paper suitable for publication and I targeted, once again, the top business ethics journal. He waived the papers in the class and agreed to let me work on this literature review for the class. It became the start of my doctoral dissertation literature review. It’s the paper of which I am most proud. I published this as a doctoral student at the University of Minnesota. There are three other literature reviews on this subject that cover earlier years. I am the only singular author who has published a meta-review of this magnitude. 


Craft, J. (2013). Living in the Gray: Lessons on Ethics from Prison. Journal of Business Ethics, 115(2), 327-339.


This article has a special place in my heart. I’d been teaching at WSU in 2007 and 2008 when I asked to teach a topics course on business ethics. At that time there was no course on business ethics in the College of Business, so I proposed one on my own. With the support of my department chair, I engaged 40 students in the topic by, among other things, showing the film The Smartest Guys in the Room, a film about the Enron scandal. At the end of the film, Kyle Miller asked, “So, why did they do it?” I answered that I did not know, but what if we asked them? Thus began a campaign to find former executives who were incarcerated for white collar crimes. I tasked the students with coming up with ten questions related to ethics to ask the participants. We sorted through 400 questions and came up with fifteen that represented four different aspects of ethics. We mailed questionnaires to over 70 individuals and received about eight responses by the end of the semester. Four years later I was working at Saint Mary’s University and completing my doctoral work at the University of Minnesota. I continued sending questionnaires to incarcerated individuals and received a few more full responses. Upon advice of my doctoral adviser, I wrote up the responses and submitted them for publication to the top business ethics journal while I was still in graduate school. Needless to say, I am very proud of this work as it represents my first publication of original research AND the contributions of WSU students. I still keep in touch with many of the students from the 2008 class on social media. 


Craft, J. (2010). Making the case for ongoing and interactive organizational ethics training. Human Resource Development International, 13(5), 599-606.


A year and a half into doctoral school my soon-to-be-adviser challenged the class to write a perspectives article for the journal in which he edited. The perspectives section was not based on original research, but opinion, a book review or a paper that is a call for action. I rose to the occasion, wrote this paper in class and then submitted it for publication. 



Publish two papers in SSCI-ranked/Cabell’s-listed peer-reviewed journals within three years.



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