Service to University and Community

Jana Craft - 2016 - 006

College of Business retreat 2015

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently wrote an opinion article on collegiality in the New York Times. She wrote about recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia. “Despite our strong disagreements on cardinal issues… we genuinely respect one another, even enjoy one another’s company. Collegiality is crucial to the success of our mission.”  In this way, collegiality is important in academics as well. In order to serve on committees, sponsor events or co-author papers an undercurrent of respect is necessary for success. In my view, respect means showing up and working hard. This is why I have attended every Business Administration department meeting and College of Business retreat/meeting (unless I was scheduled to teach, traveling, or sick). I’ve served on and chaired search committees for both faculty and Office Administration Specialists. I voluntarily mentor new faculty in HR because I know how hard it is to commit to stay in a place you do not feel welcome or settled.

I have been actively involved in Delta Sigma Pi as a faculty initiate since 2008 where I have developed relationships that have lasted into the careers of my former students.

With students at the Delta Sigma Pi dinner

When I came back to WSU, I asked where the faculty members were in the community? I had not encountered anyone in our large department who actively served the community or was involved in local business ventures. As a business owner myself, I found this disturbing and have worked to stay integrated with the Winona business community.

As a writer and speaker beyond the classroom, I have worked to expand my speaking and writing to diverse audiences. As such, I continue to work on a book outside of academia and am on the board of a non-profit women’s leadership team.

Below are the overall goals I have set for myself in service to university and community. Please click the hyperlinked goal to view a discussion of each and supporting documentation.


  1.  Participate in Business Administration department, College of Business and University events.
  2. Serve on search committees and mentor new faculty in the Business Administration department.
  3. Be actively involved with a WSU club or fraternity.
  4. Stay active with the local business community.
  5. Increase speaking engagements to diverse audiences.

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