Service to University and Community: Goal 1


Participate in Business Administration department, College of Business and University events.



The College of Business averaged two meetings a year. My department meetings ranged from once a month to once every-other week (depending on Department Chair). I attended all COB retreats and all of my department meetings unless it conflicted with my teaching schedule. I’ve created a document that summarizes my attendance at all BUSA department meetings. Unless I was ill or teaching, I attended all department meetings. See the document here. 

  • Mentor new HR faculty members, Dr. Jing Han and Dr. Huh-Jung Hahn.
    • I provided my cell phone number during the summer when they were moving to the area.
    • I provided both with syllabi and other course resources.
    • I provided both with advising resources and checking in on them regularly.
    • I encouraged Jeanine Gangness to reach out to Dr. Hahn in Rochester to include her in community events.
  • Invited the HR department faculty members to my home for dinner to discuss program goals and objectives.


  • Invited the BUSA department faculty and spouses to my home for a potluck dinner open house.
  • Participated in Admitted Students day with Dr. Joell Bjorke – Spring 2017

College of Business

  • Participated in filming of College of Business Engaged Learning Endowment.
  • Collaborated with Vernon Bachor and Kubilay Gok in the creation of the Engaged Ethics Conversation.
  • Invited Janelle Linville, HR manager at Watkins, to co-teach in my HR class during Watkins Week. Click here for correspondence.
  • Collaborated with Dr. Ryan White and Nick Lemmer to compile alumni stories for the COB “Find your more” initiative. I sent six stories. Click here for stories. 
  • Member of Thematic Landscaping committee working with Aboretum director to develop an outdoor engaged learning area outside the COB Engagement Center.
  • Member of COB Faculty Advisory Board for the HR program.
  • Received an award from the COB student advisory committee for being a “create your more” professor. Click here for certificate.
  • Agreed to be interviewed by Deb Block in University Advancement for the COB Engaged Learning Endowment Faculty Video Shoot – Friday 12.2.16
  • Attended RTP Day planning session – January 2017
  • Attended Fastenal Day planning session – January 2017
  • Submitted proposal for Walmart Day to store manager – January 2017
  • Proposed COB graduation reception
  • I attended all COB retreats and attended most of the COB events, including the few pictured below. Unless I had a family obligation, I tried to attend.



  • I attended Fall commencement and plan to attend Spring commencement.
  • I wrote a letter of support for Carol Daul-Elhindi’s application for tenure and promotion as she is our College of Business Library Liaison.
  • Working with Vern Bachor on the Annual Ethics Conversation: Reflections from Prison – March 21st
  • Agreed to be the faculty sponsor for the 2017 WSU Women’s Career Symposium–Pathways into business, science and technology on October 4.
  • Agreed to moderate a panel at AgileDev Ops Conference on May 18th on the impact of broadband on rural communities.



  • Welcomed Dr. Ling Ma, visiting scholar from China, into my Organizational Dynamics, Management of Human Resources and Applied Business Ethics classes. She presented on China and culture in Applied Business Ethics. I encouraged her to visit and present in classes taught by other colleagues and befriended her and her daughter, Bella. See pictures below.
Dr. Ling Ma presenting in Applied Business Ethics – Spring 2016


Bella Ma–front row, far right–at my daughter Maddy’s 10th birthday party.


We took our daughters plus one friend to High Rollers Skating Rink in LaCrosse, WI.



College of Business retreat on the Cal Fremling – August 2015


COB dinner @ Winona Historical Society – 2015


  • Co-chaired the MNSCU Undergraduate Research Conference with Dr. Mingrui Zhang from Computer Science department. Compiled the program and helped with logistics coordination.




  • I attended both Fall and Spring commencement.



  • I met with my HR colleagues and analyzed the current program and course offerings as related to the AACSB guidelines for “impact” and the Winona Valley Experience project. Together, we agreed on a program for writing proficiency and ensured that all class projects provided students with the opportunity to enhance their writing in the HR profession. SUPPORT
  • I spearheaded a technology upgrade to the BUSA conference room in Somsen 324. Together with our OAS and Tom Hill in TLT and with approval and funding from the department, we ordered a credenza, computer, ceiling microphones and video conferencing camera. It was installed January 2015. SUPPORT 1, 2, 3, 4
  • I arranged for the BUSA first floor display cases in Somsen Hall to be updated with new white backing that allows for tacks to be used to hang research posters and other publicity for the department. Upon the advice of the Facilities Department, we had a motion-detector light switch installed to turn on the lights inside the display case each time a person passes.


  • I had our OAS arrange for our 3rd floor display case to showcase student scholarship recipients and faculty awards and publications instead of old computer parts. The idea was mine, but the execution you see below is courtesy of our OAS, Kathy Robinson.




Emceeing the CH Robinson fashion show



With my daughter, Maddy, at the CH Robinson Fashion Show

  • 12278913_10153596266971084_8022563243754211890_n
    Served as the emcee for WSU Global Experience: from Rochester to the World
  • I participated in Fastenal Day and hosted Fastenal employee and WSU alum, Joe Solheid, in my HR class as a co-teacher.
  • 16667938639_430cac08d0_o
    Talking with Ann MacDonald on Fastenal Day (see the blue sweater?) at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum


  • Took Business Administration and Science students to participate in the MNSCU Posters @ the Capitol event. See poster below and press release here.


  • I attended both Fall and Spring commencement



  • I served on the BUSA/HR scholarship committee to determine which students should be awarded one of several scholarships offered by alumni.
  • We needed an external reviewer for the Business Administration and Human Resource Management programs. After some research, I secured a reviewer from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.


  • I agreed to serve on the COB code of ethics committee.


  • Served as the Secretary on the A2C2 committee.
  • I attended both Fall and Spring commencement




Participate in Business Administration department, College of Business and University events.


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