Service to University and Community: Goal 3


Be actively involved with a WSU club or fraternity.

Last year, 2015/2016, I agreed to be the faculty advisor for the WSU Motorcycle club. Beyond being the advisor of record, I have not been involved further.

I was initiated into Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity, in 2008 as a faculty initiate. I’d never been in a fraternity before as I was always a working adult in night school. Even as a fixed term, mid-year replacement, I felt welcomed and immediately part of the brotherhood. Because my time with DSP started in 2008, I’ve included a few pictures from those years here:

DSP 2009 – all of my students


My DSP initiation, 2008


DSP “float” in 2008 WSU homecoming parade
With DSP brother, Joe Solheid in 2009

Since my return to WSU, I’ve been active in the fraternity in a mentor role. I participate in parades when I can and try to attend the initiation dinners. Recently, I’ve been blessed to attend weddings of former students, even participating as a reader in one. Scroll down for pictures and accompanying stories.

Fall 2013, my husband and I provided a motorcycle escort and music for DSP in the WSU Homecoming Parade.



Fall 2013, I attended the DSP initiation dinner with fellow faculty/staff brothers, Kattie Bredehoft and JoEll Bjorke.



August 2014 – My husband and I attended the wedding of Joe and Emily (Boynton) Solheid. I had Joe as a student at WSU in 2007-2008 when I was initiated into DSP (see picture above). He and I stayed in contact professionally (he works for Fastenal) after I left to teach at Saint Mary’s University where I had his future bride, Emily, as a student. While I did not get a picture with the bride and groom, I did get two shots with fellow DSP brothers from Joe’s era: Eric Fischer and David Bruns.



Spring 2014 – I attended the DSP initiation dinner with my husband



August 2015 – I was invited to be in the wedding of Kyle and Lauren (Springer) Kozelka. In an interesting twist of fate, I had Kyle as a student at Saint Mary’s University and Lauren in my class at WSU. Lauren is a DSP brother as well. I read their marriage scripture for the audience, which happens to be the same scripture my husband and I chose for our vows. Here we are at the wedding:


Since Kyle and Lauren have MANY friends, from both SMU and WSU, we gathered all of the students from both Universities that I’d had in class. Needless to say it was a very special day.


Fall 2015 – I was invited to be the keynote speaker for DSP initiation dinner. I spoke about what it meant to me to be initiated and how being included into a group who valued “brotherhood” came at a crucial time in my life.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including my own. See the speech here, “The Importance of Brotherhood.”

Pictured here, my husband and I  on our way to the dinner.


March 2017 I was invited to speak to the DSP pledge class of Spring 2017 on our small business, Authentic Safety. 


Be actively involved with a WSU club or fraternity.


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