Service to University and Community: Goal 4


Stay active with the local business community.

When I interviewed at WSU in the Spring of 2013 I was very clear that the College of Business, specifically the Business Administration department members, need to better engage with the Winona business community. They needed to serve on boards, present practical solutions from research to the business community, and be a bigger part of the community in general. During my time at WSU, I’ve tried to diversify my dealings with the business community and more fully engage with different segments.


  • In January 2014 I presented my dissertation research to executive leadership of the non-profit organization that I studied the prior two years. As a result, their new Vice President of Human Resources enacted many of my recommendations. SUPPORT

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  • As a member of the Winona Chamber of Commerce Mainstreet Business Retention and Expansion committee, I attended a Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation grant training workshop in February in preparation for a Downtown Idea Exchange we held in April.
  • I was invited to write curriculum for Winona ORC’s Disability Specialist Certification in the area of business ethics. The project was funded by a grant from the Minnesota Workforce in conjunction with Southeast Technical College. I delivered 12 hours of instruction in May/June 2014.


  • Featured presenter for Winona Chamber of Commerce lunchtime learning session, Why They Buy. Presentation




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  • Featured presenter at Women in Business (September) and Winona Rotary (January), The hidden cost of win-win: Why it’s important to learn the ethics pause.  Notes  |  Presentation 

A win-win situation is one where multiple parties benefit from a decision; there seems to be no downside to the deal.  However, when faced with an ethical dilemma, several hidden pitfalls await the unsuspecting decision-maker.  Join Dr. Jana Craft, WSU business professor, for an interactive and thought-provoking session on how to develop the ethics pause and its benefit to both your company and career.


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  • Featured presenter at Women in Business (January), Demystifying Millennials. Upon request, sent the notes to this presentation to WSU Marketing and Communications department. Handout

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  • Facilitated a conversation on Servant Leadership at Home Federal Savings Bank (November). 
  • Conducted a 4-hour ethics training for Pet Medical and Root River Vet Clinics as part of their annual kick off meeting for 2016 (January)


  • With Marianne Collins (WSU Marketing), facilitate a panel for Women in Business luncheon (February). Customer Servanthood: A deeper approach to service. In the spirit of servant leadership, how can we embrace the concept of customer servanthood?
  • My husband and I launched our own safety consulting business in Winona, Authentic Safety, and joined the Winona Chamber of Commerce.
  • See other speaking topics and a list of future speaking engagements on my website.
  • Letter to Zach Orr, Walmart store #5397 manager, on the possibility of hosing “Walmart Day” for COB.


Stay active with the local business community.


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