Teaching Effectiveness: Goal 1


Attain 80% or higher overall consistent course evaluation ratings.

Numbers don’t lie. This is why I set my personal bar high for course evaluation ratings. I encourage students to complete course evaluations in each of my classes and I tell them why it is important to do so: I need to know how I am doing! I think student feel some professors do not even look at their feedback, but I assure them that I do. I tweak content and procedure and course flow based on their numeric and narrative feedback. I use both the WSU course assessment data and, as silly as it may seem, the Rate My Professor (RMP) website. Whereas the WSU assessment is official, the RMP site provides a different aspect of assessment as it is totally voluntary and peer-based.  I read it all and make changes accordingly.


I downloaded the last three years’ data and calculated the average College of Business (COB) course evaluating rating across all questions. The first eight questions assess instructional design and the last five, instructional delivery. As seen below, the average score across the COB in Instructional Design was 75.47% and 72.08% for Instructional Delivery with a total average score of 74.17%. The standard minimum for all COB faculty in these areas and overall is 70%. (Click image to view larger.)cob-total-three-years

Drilling down a bit more, I combined my department-specific assessment numbers for BUSA and MGMT courses (I teach both). As you can see, the department Instructional Design and Delivery averages, 83.01% and 79.77% respectively, are much higher than the COB averages, surpassing the minimum standard of 70%. (Click image to view larger.)

Comparing my last three years of evaluations, the scores calculate even higher. Because it is difficult to read otherwise, I’ve broken out the three years. As you can see, my overall evaluations hover around 95%. In Instructional Design average was 94.36% and Instructional Delivery average, 96.32%–both too small to show in the chart below. This is well above both the COB and departmental averages.


avg-final-scores-2I am cognizant of higher evaluations equaling a class that is easy. Going back to Fall 2014 and including Summer online courses (2013-2014 is not available on D2L as of this date), my final class grade average is 85%. I strive for a class average around 83%, the equivalent of a low B or B-minus. I’ve worked on increasing the rigor in my writing classes and as you can see by the chart to the left, it is still a work in progress. The graph below shows that my original goal of attain 80% or higher overall consistent course evaluation ratings has been met. The purple line represents the 80% threshold. The majority of the COB scores are below, the BUSA department hovers between 80% and 85% and my scores are clearly in the upper 90%-range. (Click image to view larger.)


In addition to the WSU assessment, I also take into consideration the feedback on RateMyProfessor.com (RMP). To date I have 36 ratings on the site and my overall quality rating is 4.6 out of 5 (translation = “good”) and level of difficulty is 2.8 on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = easy, 5 = hard). I think my subject matter and the manner in which I teach it reveal that the students think the class is on the easy side, but my average scores say that the course is not an automatic “A.” RMP provides students the ability to add “tags” to each professor. My top 20 tags are below. I am very pleased to see that participation matters, I am respected and I give “amazing lectures” and “good feedback.” I was unaware that I was “hilarious”, so perhaps I need to investigate that a bit more. The comments on RMP are similar to those in the comment section of the WSU assessments–see below.  You can see my RMP page by clicking here. (Click image to view larger.)



I am a qualitative researcher and, as such, words sometimes strike me as more important and impactful than statistics. I believe there is always a story behind the numbers. Pertaining to course evaluations, the comments are where I gain the most insight into what is working and what needs improvement. I coded each comment as positive (+), negative (-), or neutral (/). Out of 64 comments, 14% were negative, 2% were neutral and an overwhelming 84% are positive. I’ve posted the comments below for your review. (Click image to view larger.)



Attain 80% or higher overall consistent course evaluation ratings.


Goal 2

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