Teaching Effectiveness: Goal 2


Utilize D2L as both a course management system and to provide feedback.

Since beginning at WSU in 2007 and returning in 2013 I have utilized D2L in all of my classes. I believe firmly in transparent grading, timely feedback, and utilizing technology in the pursuit of education. We are a dual device campus and, as such, should take full advantage of all technology offered to organize, facilitate and house information needed for courses.  I use the announcement feature to update students on date adjustments and the groups function to give them a place to house documents and communicate about their group projects. I use the rubric function to assess assignments and the survey function to gather pre- and post test data in BUSA 321 Applied Business Ethics. I use Kaltura Mediaspace to upload instructional and feedback videos to D2L and the discussion board to replace in class discussion for my online summer classes. I use the quiz function and Respondus Lockdown browser during all of the exams and keep up-to-date grade information in the grade book.

Part of my day one lecture during the course overview is reminding the students that they have a right to know EXACTLY how their course grade is calculated at any point in the semester. There should be no surprises whatsoever in the grade calculation. I have a standing offer for all of my students to come in and see me during my office hours and I will help them estimate their final grade, with the help of the D2L grade book export function to Excel. 99.9% of the time, students leave with a printout of what it will take to get a higher grade or keep the grade they’ve earned so far and a relieved smile.

Below I will provide evidence of my utilization of D2L as both a course management system and feedback engine.


I have created a document with excerpts in the form of cropped screen shots in evidence of my D2L course content. Further, I’ve included an example course template that I release to students for note taking and exam preparation and an example of a few of my lecture PowerPoints. Links below:

D2L excerpts

MGMT 427 Chapter 1 and 2 Professor Lecture Notes

MGMT 427 Chapter 1 Lecture PowerPoint
MGMT 427 Chapter 1 Lecture PowerPoint – click image to access


MGMT 427 Chapter 2 Lecture PowerPoint – click image to access


MGMT 427 Chapter 1 note template – click image to access
MGMT 427 Chapter 2 note template – click image to access


In this section I provide a virtual tour of my D2L online class using Kaltura Mediaspace CaptureLite (best viewed full screen — click arrows on bottom right corner to expand).

Using D2L and Kaltura Mediaspace to welcome students to an online class–MGMT 317 and MGMT 325 Summer 2016 May-term below. Basically, the “day 1” lecture so they can see my face and hear my voice. It makes an online class more personable.


Using Kaltura Mediaspace and D2L to further explain the MGMT 317 rough draft and clarify what I’m looking for when I say, “unique conclusion.” In MGMT 325 I explain again what I am looking for in discussion board posts and assignments.


Using Kaltura Mediaspace and CaptureLite in D2L to further clarify for my face to face MGMT 325 class about the Group Case Analysis assignment and to further explain to my MGMT 317 class about the research assignment.


Using Kaltura Medispace and CaptureLite in D2L to instruct students on how to write an abstract for their research paper.


Utilize D2L as both a course management system and to provide feedback.


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