Teaching Effectiveness: Goal 6


Write a course for Goal 9 to introduce undeclared students to the College of Business.

The College of Business entrance requirements preclude freshman from taking any business courses. Since we do not offer BUSA 106 Introduction to Business on a regular basis, the department thought it was important to create a course that would (1) meet one of the General Education requirements and (2) give freshmen and undeclared students an idea of the business curriculum. Looking at our current offerings I noticed we had no courses that included a component dealing with sustainable business practices, which is in keeping with WSU’s sustainability theme.

I proposed a course entitled Business and Society and submitted the proposal to A2C2 through Curriculog in Fall 2014. A typical Business and Society course contains themes in ethics, corporate social responsibility, factors in the social environment, interaction between business, government and the public and corporate citizenship. Thus, I submitted the course under Goal 9: Ethics and Social Responsibility.  The Philosophy Department took issue with the course and argued that it duplicated material in their Phil 231 Business Ethics course. After a rather tense meeting between myself, a faculty member in Philosophy and the A2C2 chair, I agreed to revise the course slightly to emphasize sustainable business practices with ethics as a foundational theory that undergirds the material. The course was approved for Goal 9 as of Fall 2014 and is taught every other year. I add this information and supporting documents to demonstrate my ability to compromise with the Philosophy department but also stand firm to the needs of the course and the department.

A unique aspect of BUSA 270 Business and Society is the use of the Cal Fremling Interpretive Center and Floating Classroom. A lecture/discussion of the sustainable business practices of local businesses is presented alongside officers of the businesses and local business leaders. I have taught on the Cal Fremling twice for this course and the first year I invited College of Business Advisory Board members and the second year I invited C-LAB participants. Students and professionals interact during the lecture and it gives the College of Business great exposure in the community.


BUSA 270 new course form

BUSA 270 course outline to A2C2

Ongoing concern re: proposed course BUSA270

Response by Craft re: ongoing dispute

Philosophy Department Letter of Understanding to resolve dispute

BUSA 270 Business and Society syllabus – Fall 2015


I piloted the new curriculum in Fall 2014 within BUSA 106 Introduction to Business before the new course was approved. I also taught on the Cal Fremling for the first time during this semester.

BUSA 106 Intro to Business (piloting the BUSA 270 Goal 9 curriculum) class on the Cal Fremling plus a few guests (Dr. Hamid Akbari, COB Dean and daughter, Maddy)


Lecturing aboard the Cal Fremling with Dr. Akbari documenting.


Mary Bohman from TLT explaining the use of Top Hat, a response software used in class to involve students and business professionals in the lecture. More on use of technology used in classroom in the prior goal. 


Two students talk intently with an executive from Peerless Chain and the manager of the City of Winona wastewater treatment plant.


Students and business leaders engaged in the lecture and discussion



BUSA 270 Business & Society — Fall 2015

BUSA 270 Business & Society class on the Cal Fremling plus a few guests (Dr. Hamid Akbari, COB Dean, COB Advisory Board members and Winona Chamber of Commerce Board Chair, Rick Craft.)


Mary Bohman, TLT, explaining the use of Plicker, a simple response program used by both students and business leaders to participate in the lecture.


Days like this, I really like my job.


Plicker and laptops used in the lecture. More on the incorporation of technology in the prior goal.


Rick Craft, Winona Chamber of Commerce  Board Chair, talking to business students.


Cherie Burke, VP at Home Federal Savings Bank, chatting up a few female students.


Students interacting aboard ship.


Rod Baker of Riverside Electronics interacting conversing with students.



Write a course for Goal 9 to introduce undeclared students to the College of Business.


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